It's about time

for an amazing fruit wine!


Harvested from estate grown organic orchards

the best of what Saskatchewan has to offer

our hearty varietals produce

Sour Cherry Logo.jpg

Sour Cherry

The result of breeding work between European Sour Cherries and Siberian Dwarf Sour Cherries, these bush cherries are dark and juicy with and intense colour and tart flavour.  We grow the "Carmine Jewel" cherry which is one of the darkest and most flavourful cultivars, perfect for wine.   As the fruit continues to ripen in the hot prairie sun, water levels drop and sugar levels spike. The fruit is transformed.  Flavours deepen and mature.  Our cherries are harvested at optimum ripeness and colour to get the maximum cherry flavour in your glass.  Intense cherry licorice with a hint of chocolatey richness, cinnamon and spice. 

Perfect Pairing:  A cloudless night sky, the bright orange glow of a campfire, a chorus of ‘Kumbaya’  sung slightly out of tune.  

Rhubarb Logo.jpg


We figure that no prairie garden is complete without at least one Rhubarb plant.  We like this tart, bold prairie favourite so much, we planted an acre of them.  The cultivar is "German Wine", and like the name implies, it's a wine makers favourite.  Juicy and full of tart-bold flavour.  Similar to the Haskap , we macerate our rhubarb for at least two weeks, extracting all bold rhubarb flavour.  Light, subtle and slightly sweet.  

Perfect Pairing:  The sun breaking from the clouds,  the smell of fresh rain, the belly laugh of an old friend. 

Honeyberry Logo.jpg


Haskap (Honeyberry) is a relatively new crop to Saskatchewan.  While most Haskap cultivars originate from Russia, the best wild examples are found along the North Western Pacific Rim, north, in the Kamchatka Peninsula, south in Japan.  Our Saskatchewan cultivars are a cross between these Asian examples and the hardy Russian cultivars.  These deep blue berries have and intense colour and a fresh, somewhat neutral raspberry-blueberry to cranberry flavor.  In a "maceration" process similar to that used for red wines, we ferment the whole fruit to get the most flavour and colour from our Haskap.  Raspberry meets blueberry meets black currant, tangy and slightly sweet. 

Perfect Pairing:  Jumping into a cool river,

an afternoon nap against an old tree, silence.