Crafted from our gorgeous wines and natural ingredients, our sparkling fruit wine beverages aren’t too sweet and offer the natural alternative missing on the canned cocktail shelves.   Organic juices and natural flavours elevate these beverages to a premium level, yet still accessible to anyone who appreciates a tasty light sparkling beverage.  

That's uncharted territory!

Fruit Wine Spritz in a can?



Our sour cherry wine pairs naturally with our craft cola flavor re-imaging an old classic with a little prairie flair. 

Perfect Pairings: a view of the endless cosmic sea of stars and constellations projecting on the vast open night sky while lying in the grass contemplating the inexplicable possibilities of it all!, hotdogs.


Perfect Pairings: a blanket on the grass, the face lick from a friendly dog, a game of catch at magic hour. 

A vibrant blend of all our wines and juices with a hint of black currant make for light and lively uncommon flavor.   Berry sweet with a slight tart finish. 




We add fresh ripe raspberries and sparkling water to our tangy Rhubarb wine to make a crisp, slightly sweet very sessionable summertime beverage. 

Perfect Pairings: newly unlaced hiking boots, toes in cool running water, ant watching.