Wolf Willow Restaurant Menu

We offer an assortment of snacks alongside our wines for the month of September.




Campfire Chips + Salsa - $10

Stone-ground corn chips with Wolf Willow's signature salsa blend

Roasted Almonds - $5

Tossed with lemon pepper and olive oil, and roasted to perfection

Jar of Pistachios - $5

Smoky Popcorn - $3

Air-popped and seasoned with hickory olive oil and himilayan salt

Cheese Plate - $10

An assortment of cheese, crackers, salami, and fruit

Quiche - $6

Ham, onion, and cheese quiche served with fruit


Slice of Cheesecake $8

Slice of Pie $5

Pie with ice cream $7

Bowl of ice cream $3

Wine, Beer, and Cocktails

We proudly make 5 types of wine with products we grow in our orchard on-site. Prices vary from $5 - 9 per 7oz glass. We also offer bottles for your table as well as off-sale wine.

A tasting flight ($7) is a delightful way to sample each of our wines:

Late Harvest Cherry




Sweet Mead

Wine cocktails made with your choice of our wines:

Sangria - $8

Meadjito - $8

Spritzer - $7

We serve the following Churchhill Brewery beers, $5/can.

Sundog White

Blonde Lager

Plainsman Pilsner

Riverman Red

Britisher Brown

We also have an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Prairie Bean Roastery Coffee - $2.50

Teas (variety) - $2.50

House-Made Iced Tea - $3.00

Cans of Pop - $2.50